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We create opportunities for education and professional development of young, talented and ambitious Czechs and Slovaks. We want their talents to blossom and with them the standing of the Czech and Slovak Republics in the world.
The Young Talents Program motivates Czech and Slovak youth to excellence. After four years of strenuous effort and an investment of over one million dollars, we now have a virtual school for talented, ambitious and hard working Czech and Slovak gymnasia students.
Unprecedented anywhere in Central Europe, we have connected Czech and Slovak gymnasia students with their peers in the rest of the world. Over 600 students have already benefited from online courses of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY), 180 are studying this school year. Over 40 received our scholarships to the CTY Summer Programs. Some students received full scholarships to leading universities. Students, parents and teachers are convinced and give credit for these results to CTY and our effort.
Despite excellent results, we find no support from the Czech Ministry of Education. This is also why this year we are forced for the first time to suspend our CTY Summer Competition. We were hopeful when, in July 2014, the Czech Ministry of Education decided to provide CTYOnline scholarships to Czech students for the next two school years. Then, in December 2014, the Ministry “revoked” its commitment stating CTYOnline is “elitist”, “expensive”, and that students should use domestic programs.
Now, following relentless public and diplomatic pressure, the Ministry agreed to pay for scholarships to the Czech students, most would have otherwise not registered. They could not afford it. Meanwhile, we keep looking for more reliable partners and funding to resume our program.
The Young Leaders Program supports Czech and Slovak young professionals, future leaders in healthcare, education, and environmental science. Over the last few years, we have issued seventeen grants averaging about $15,000 per participant.
Please contribute to our education programs. We build on a proud tradition of the American Fund for Czechoslovak Refugees, established in 1948 by Czech and Slovak Americans to resettle refugees from communism in the United States. We are a legally registered charitable institution in the United States as defined by IRS 501(c) 3 regulations.
CTY Summer Competition 2015
suspended courtesy of
the Czech Ministry of Education
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