2012 Results
Over 160 students registered for the 2012 CTY Summer Program competition and 33 were invited for interviews in April at Masaryk University. Eight qualified for scholarships. They were joined by six others, who received scholarships directly as a bonus for outstanding results in the CTYOnline part of the program.
From the 14 students receiving scholarship in 2012 ten took part in CTY Summer Programs in the United States, three went to CTY-Ireland, and one went to CTY Hong Kong. Each scholarship of $5,000 covers the full cost of the program. Students pay only for their trip to and from Ruzyne airport. They all loved the program, many writing that it has changed their life. Read a thank you letter from Andrzej Novak about his experience at Princeton University.
Please meet ...
the 33 students invited to the 2012 interviews at Masaryk University, Brno.
Tereza Simova Julie Vohryzkova Michal Balascak Tomas Zahradnik Lucie Kralova Zuzana Drazdova Krystof Hes
Milan Pultar Van Minh Nguyen Premysl Hruby Tomas Malina Sara Postulkova Emilia Petrikova Jan Michalcak
Michael Janecek Emil Skrisovsky Martina Kavanova Dominik Lehocky Nathalie Heidema Marketa Andrsova Martin Sedliak
Veronika Ambrozova Andrzej Novak Frantisek Prinz Jiri Guth David Hrusa Libuse Janska Dominika Muschalikova
Martina Tumova Matej Sochor Kristina Ulicna Kristyna Hovorakova Marketa Vohnikova

and ...
the six students who have earned the CTY Summer Program scholarship
as a bonus for their outstanding work in CTYOnline.
Bara Hudcova Basha Kovacova Tereza Stopkova Anna Rojkova Tereza Brousilova Petr Kaftan
Students Traveling to America
Arriving at the Dulles International Airport

From left to right: Jan Michalcak, Kristina Ulicna, Anna Rojkova, Basha Kovacova, Jiri Guth and Andrzej Novak
Visiting Washington, DC
On their last day of the Summer Program in the afternoon on Friday, July 13, the students visited the Admissions Office and toured the campus of Johns Hopkins University and then travelled to Washington, DC. In the evening, joined with friends and supporters, they met for dinner at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Herman. On Saturday morning they visited the Admissions Office of Georgetown University and played tourists during the day. In the evening they all assembled for dinner at Sorriso, a famous Washington restaurant, joined with CTY staff, supporters, Mr. and Mrs. Herman.